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Den Duine An T-Éadach

The Handcraft Tailor Academy - Bespoke Tailoring School

The Handcraft Tailor Academy is dedicated to preserving, teaching and enhancing the art of handcraft tailoring throughout the world promising to develop every student's skill set, kindle their fire of determination and train them to the highest attainable standard.

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From the very early days of Rory’s career, he envisioned a tailoring academy that would preserve,
promote and enhance the art of handcraft tailoring across the globe. A school that is an example for
the industry to follow, and one that its students would be proud to be members of. Rory’s mission is
to show the world the best way to learn handcraft tailoring is not through the outdated method of
apprenticeships but by arming each student with the knowledge and the skill-set they so desperately
desire. Rory knows what it's like to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that his apprenticeship could not satisfy. After repeatedly asking to be allowed to excel further he was told, "This isn’t a school, it's a business".
A light that had flickered in the back of Rory’s mind suddenly lit up.

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