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Rory Duffy
The Handcraft Tailor

Savile row is the spiritual home of bespoke tailoring across the globe.

The creation and design of the modern day suit originates from Savile row in London England. For over two hundred years Savile row has been the epicentre of bespoke tailoring creating garments for the Royal Families of the UK & Europe, the famous and the fortunate.

Even today the wealthiest men and women travel there to have their suits made by true artisans dedicated to preserving the trade and maintaining the high quality that has made this small Mayfair street world famous.


The Handcraft Tailor has been at the heart of Savile row. For many years, Rory Duffy the original Handcraft Tailor has acted in a supporting role to many of these revered tailoring houses.

The Handcraft Tailor has seized their opportunities and is now offering their bespoke skills to private individuals, in the US, UK, Europe and now Asia.Having established permanent residents in all four corners of the Globe, The Handcraft Tailor has the ability to produce high quality bespoke suits for their clients in a timely manner.

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London, United Kingdom

Moscow, Russia

Dublin, Ireland
Nan Shan, China


New York, NY

Washington, D.C.
Atlanta, GA


Email : rorybespoke@gmail.com

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