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The Ultimate Beginner's Course

If you are new to tailoring and are unsure of where to start, then The Ultimate Beginner's Course is for you. Tailoring is not rocket science but it does include a number of skills that must be mastered before advancing into garment making. These skills include (but are not limited to) the proper use of a needle and thimble, hand sewing the various stitches and machine sewing. This course is ideal for complete beginners and helps novices with advancement in their skills. It covers a wide range of sewing details such as pockets, buttonholes and pattern drafting. We work closely with the absolute beginner who has little to no hand or machine sewing skills and they are taught everything they will need to know for our making courses.

The Ultimate Beginner's Course

Suited for levels 1 & 2 - beginners and novices


course & Accommodation fees

Full time six week course on set dates is €3650.00

Click here for term dates

To schedule an in-house one-to-one training course outside of the provided term dates is €750 per week. This additional charge is incurred due to the personalised and individual approach. 

Students have the option to stay for as little as one week or for as long as four.

Course materials €250.00 Subject to change

Accommodation is offered at €290 per week

An invoice will be sent for the full amount for the course of your choosing of which €500 is used to secure the student’s place on the course. The remaining amount is to be paid no later than one week before the course begins.

***All fees are non-refundable

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course materials

Dugdale Brothers will provide one metre of cloth and lining for sample making.

All other needles, tools and threads will be provided free of charge on loan from The HTA.

Students will be offered a personal industrial sewing machine and industrial steam iron.

Pressing equipment such as chest board, sleeve board and clapper will be issued to each student for the duration of the course.

course goals

This course is designed to help students develop the necessary skills to make any bespoke garment. We work closely with a complete beginner with no previous hand or machine sewing skills and teaching them everything they need to know to attempt one of our making courses.


Beginning with the proper use of the needle and thimble, the student will learn each hand-stitch used when making either men’s or women’s wear garments. A thorough explanation is given on the proper use of the industrial sewing machine for both straight stitch and overlocking.


The student will learn how to make complex pockets found in every bespoke garments. Both the finishing and pressing of garment will be practised and learnt by the student. By the end of the course, the student will be proficient as both a pocket maker, presser and finisher for the bespoke tailoring industry. Given the opportunity they could enter the trade and take up either one of these roles for a bespoke tailoring house.

Week 1


Introduction to tools, measurement chart and head units

Students will take turns measuring one another to become competent in assessing figures


The student will first learn how to set up the machine before mastering its use

  • Introduction to using an industrial sewing machiner

  • Tension and threading the bobbin

  • Sewing straight seams

  • Needle and thimble and the basting stitch


The day is split between hand sewing details and machine sewing

  • Basting in-hand and on the board

  • Basting in fullness

  • Machine sewing fulled seams


We begin with the basics before moving to more involved hand sewing

  • Sewing darts

  • Basting in-hand on an edge

  • Diagonal basting

  • Blanket stitch


Learning to stop and start the machine at will is the most important step in keeping it in control

  • Blanket stitch

  • Sewing parallel stitch lines

The Ultimate Beginner's Course Syllabus
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