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Which Course Should I Take? 


Ideal for levels 1 & 2
Beginners and novices

The Ultimate

Beginner's Course


Ideal for levels 2 & 3
Novice to Competent

Waistcoat Making,

The Savile Row Style


Ideal for levels 4 & 5
Advanced to Semi-professional

Savile Row Coat Making


Suited for all levels
Beginner to semi-professional

Pattern Drafting

For Bespoke Menswear


Ideal for levels 2 & 3
Novice to Competent

Men's Bespoke Trousers


Ideal for levels 4 & 5
Advanced to Semi-professional

Ladies Jacket Making


All applicants must have completed the online or in-house pattern drafting and coat making course to be able to qualify for this course.

The Art & Science of Fitting Gentlemen’s Garments

How Do I Know What Level I Am?

Level 1

The Ultimate Beginner

The ultimate beginner is someone who is entirely new to tailoring and aspires to learn from the ground up. They have little to no hand sewing skills and have yet to master the correct way to use a needle and thimble. If they’ve used a sewing machine, there is usually much left to be desired.

Level 2


A novice has some tailoring experience. They may have completed some simple sewing projects such as clothing alterations. They are confident on a domestic machine but not an industrial one. They can hand sew but lack experience with a needle and thimble.

Level 3


The competent sewer has made some garments for themselves and maybe some clients – paying or otherwise. They have been a home sewer for three or more years, might have some experience with a needle and thimble and their pattern making skills is limited to ready-made patterns sized to fit the desired figure.

Level 4


Someone who is advanced is someone that’s been in the industry for at least five years and already have the makings of a client list. They’ve made money by having made garments such a shirts, trousers, dresses, jackets, etc. They have experience with industrial machines but feel they better themselves and ‘up their game’ by honing their skills.

Level 5


A semi-professional is someone with a vast amount of experience in the industry and received some formal training. They have competent hand and machine sewing technique, can make pockets, sew sleeves and make up collars. All they need is the opportunity to take their skills to the next level.

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