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Savile Row Coat Making

Savile Row coat making is by far the most satisfying art in handcraft tailoring. It requires the most skills and combinations of techniques to create a satisfactory outcome. No one is born with a gift that makes coat making easy from the beginning. We all struggle and fail time and again before turning out a garment we are proud to put our name on, holding it up to the world as an example of a finely tailored handcraft coat. Handmade should never be used as an excuse for shoddy workmanship but rather as a mark of hard work and quality in every stitch. Coat making brings together many disciplines such as basting with fullness, pocket making, hand padding, layered stitching, fell stitching and of course the mark of a truly handcrafted suit, the handmade buttonhole. At The HTA, students can opt to start the course online and complete it in-house or vice-versa. We also host introductory courses for beginners who wish to master the art of Savile Row tailoring.

Savile Row Coat Making

Suitable for levels 4 & 5 - advanced to semi-professional

course & Accommodation fees

Full time six week course on set dates is €3650.00

Click here for term dates

To schedule an in-house one-to-one training course outside of the provided term dates is €750 per week. This additional charge is incurred due to the personalised and individual approach. 

Students have the option to stay for as little as one week or for as long as four.

Course materials €250.00 - Subject to change

Accommodation is offered at €290 per week

An invoice will be sent for the full amount for the course of your choosing of which €500 is used to secure the student’s place on the course. The remaining amount is to be paid no later than one week before the course begins.

***All fees are non-refundable

Short on time?
Try and intensive!

course materials

Dugdale Brothers offer all the trimmings required for every course.


Other tools such as thimbles, shears, needles, clappers, chest and sleeve boards are provided for student use for the duration of the course.


The student will have access to an industrial sewing machine, a height adjustable board and an industrial steam iron. Pressing equipment such as a tailor's ham, chest board and sleeve board will also be available for use.

course goals

Staying true to the traditions of Savile Row, the handcraft coat contains about 3000 hand-stitches. The whole inner workings of the garment are meticulously hand sewn and both shrinking and stretching techniques are used.


Elements like the pockets and straight seams are still sewn by machine, but all the preparation and finishing work is done by hand.


As a student you will develop your hand sewing skills to the level of professional. The thimble will become part of your hand, unable to stitch without it. From the finest felling stitch to long baste, your needle will be guided by our master tailor to make a garment worthy of the Savile Row name.

Week 1


Introduction to tools, measurement chart and head units

Students will take turns measuring one another to become competent in assessing figures


Pattern drafting and cutting

Using your own measurements, the Rory will demonstrate how to cut the back and fore-part to fit the student or their subject
Cutting the patterns for the sleeves, under-collar and facing


Cut in cloth

The demonstration will show how to lay the pattern on the cloth, add inlays and cut out the fabric


Trimming the coat

The demonstration will show how to cut the canvas, linings and pocket pieces


Making the canvasses

Using both hand and machine sewing techniques the demonstration will show how to make the canvasses which are the foundation on which the coat is laid

Savile Row Coat Making Syllabus
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