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What People Are Saying

Elly M.

Birmingham, UK

Last year I wanted to up my skill level and invest in my education. The HTA was recommended to me on a Facebook forum after a fruitless search for decent courses. It was the only place that I could learn online which suited my situation. I began with Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear, followed by the Trouser Making and rounded off the year by taking the In house Handcraft coat making. My recorded lessons are a rich and valuable resource which I consult regularly to consolidate my learning. The In House course lasted for six weeks; I could have taken some of this online had I wished. I had access to the fully equipped workshop 24/7 and the video series The Making of a Handcraft Coat so I could gen up before the next lesson. It was a fantastic experience.

Situated in beautiful countryside I could be completely absorbed without distractions. The accommodation was lovely and had everything I needed, including a board so I could work in my room if I wanted. Rory is a brilliant teacher and a fountain of knowledge. He’s really generous with his time and expertise. His family really looked after me and made my stay a wonderful experience.

Having a year’s mentorship following the course has meant that I am taking on jobs that I would previously have shied away from because I have access to help should I need it.

Being a student of the HTA has been a game changer for me, I now have skills and confidence that I was lacking and a thirst to know more. I can’t recommend it enough.


Grace C.

Athlone, Ireland

Khunakorn (Ta) D.

Bangkok, Thailand

I flew across the world to get closer to the definition of Handcraft Tailoring and it was more than I expected. I first got to know my master, Mr. Rory Duffy from his YouTube videos. His technique and his passion inspired me a lot. I was so excited when he opened The Handcraft Tailor Academy.

I Skyped with him and applied for visa right away!

At the academy, Rory gave me everything that I would like to know. It was not easy but my passion told me not to give up. After finishing the workshop, I returned home with the secrets of Savile Row and all the questions in my head had been fulfilled.

And I am ready for my dream journey.


Tomislav F.

Zagreb, Croatia

Anthony S.


I attended The Handcraft Tailor Academy from August-September 2017. I first heard of the school on a tailoring blog.

I had just finished my degree at a fashion university and was working as a pattern-cutter for a handful of Tokyo fashion houses. Most of the garments created for the runway were not constructed to last longer than the time it took for them to get down the runway.

In attending the Handcraft Academy not only did I learn how to make lasting garments, I acquired the skills in sewing, and cutting that I still use everyday.

Rory’s method and teaching style are exceptional. Something I don’t think exists outside the doors of his school in Ireland.


Julia D.

New York, USA

Ties D.


After being self-taught in sewing I was looking for more professional classes to get me out of the hobby segment.

Some local sewing classes were very helpful but did not offer me the in- depth information on materials and construction methods of traditional tailoring that I was looking for. Luckily we have the internet and quickly I found Rory’s HTA.

After an online pattern making course I came to Ireland for the in-house Bespoke Coat Making course. During these 6 weeks, I learned so much more than I expected and went home with big book full of notes and a finished coat I keep going back to if I can’t remember a certain step or finishing method. Huge bonus are the friends I’ve made and the long relaxing walks I took in the beautiful Irish countryside.


Tommy O.

Georgia, USA

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