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Our Workshop

To be able to deliver a top class educational experience, a state of the art workshop is a necessity. That's why the HTA has spared no expense. We offer our students a space to work in like no other with free WiFi and 08:00 - 20:00 daily access to the academy whether it’s to start early or work late. Students have the freedom to come and go as they please.

Our workshop is equipped with new industrial sewing machines from Juki. Each student will be equipped with their own board, stool, and machine. During the operation instruction we adjust the height, so it's set for each individual user. The machines are also propelled by silent motors so no annoying humming sounds. A Juki over-locker is available for students taking the Trouser Making course as well as a blind-stitch machine and domestic machines for zig-zag stitches.


All tools necessary are also available for students eliminating the need to bring their own (but can do so if they wish as long as they match that of the course materials list). We supply everything from drafting rulers to thimbles and shears. Paper is supplied for patterns as well as cloth and linings for samples. Every board has its own pressing station with an iron, press cloth, chest board and sleeve boards (designed and made by Rory). Each table comes equipped with an LG TV and Bluetooth headphones (not pictured) so students can follow their respective video series between demonstrations. 

We are forever conscience about the method we teach and the impact that it may have on the student’s health. As apprentices we imitate our masters copying techniques as they do. It’s no surprise that if the Master has bad posture, chances are the student will develop it too. A “one size fits all” type of board is less than ideal for working long hours – for tailors themselves are not a “one size fits all”.

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The academy is lit by daylight bulbs to give an even lighting effect simply because good lighting is important for maintaining good eyesight. In order to promote healthy posture and alignment, we have actively sought a solution with our height adjustable tables and stools. It's often easier to draft patterns on a low board while coat making is better done on a high board. This will help prevent students from falling into bad habits during training that could take a lifetime to shake off.


If you have any individual needs that you want us to take into consideration or special requests please let us know via email at

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