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Pricing & Accommodation
for in-house courses

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The HTA is located in the rolling hills of the Irish countryside, tucked away from busy streets and noisy neighbours. You'll come to appreciate the sound of silence -

A time to reflect as well as a time to reskill.


Six-week blocks are being offered out this year to those who want to get that extra one-to-one tuition that will help realise their dreams.


There are five dates to choose from. Class sizes are restricted to no more than four

people to a class so Rory has ample time for one-on-one tuition.


The dates we are booking for 2024 are as follows:

26th February - 5th April

22nd April - 31st May

1st July - 9th August

1st September - 11th October

28th October - 6th December


All courses will go ahead so long as at least one person books a place

The HTA prides itself on being the most cost-effective full-time tailoring school.

Course Fees

Comparing our pricing to similar services out there, we are proud to say we are the least expensive.


Regardless of which subject you choose, the course fee is the same.



The workshop is open 24/7. Each student is given a time slot when they will be under Rory's tutelage from Monday – Friday.

Full time six week course on set dates is €3650.00

In-house course one-to-one training is €750 per week. Stay for as little as two weeks or for as long as twelve

Accommodation is offered at €290 per week. 

**All fees are non-refundable

Luxury Accommodations

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Luxury accommodation is offered nearby (3 min walk) at €290 per week.


Each room comes with a double bed, TV, dressing room and folding work table. There are two bathrooms between four rooms, equipped with electric showers.


You won't find another tailoring academy that offers accommodation to its students.

If you would like to find out more or book a place please email us on

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Please read our
terms and conditions
in regards to tuition fees and costs
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