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Advanced Pattern Drafting 
with Rory

This course is suitable for beginners to professional and is offered in both the imperial measuring system and the metric system.


Pattern Drafting isn’t just about following a system, it has as much to do about accessing figures, studying posture and recognising the idiosyncrasies of the human form that make us all unique to one another.



Whether you are a novice or a professional you will learn everything you need to know to venture into the bespoke tailoring trade confident of success.



This course covers 3 classes per week for 13 weeks  or 2 classes per week for 20 weeks

Pattern Drafting
for Bespoke Menswear

In order to be more inclusive we have decided to release two video series, one in metric units and the other in imperial.

We begin the series by describing the tools used throughout the video series. It is paramount that any person following this series have an exact set of matching tools.
To aid this endeavour, we have included the links below to where Rory sources his tools and invite you to purchase the same.


This video series was created to be used with an ACCOMPANYING BOOK.


The video series contains more videos than there are diagrams in the book. Similarly, there are diagrams in the book that don’t appear in the video series.





The Making of a Savile Row Coat
Vimeo video series

Coat Making can be a complex subject with many disciplines one must master.


Following a traditional coat design you will get to see first hand how to make one of the most difficult men's wear garments.

Using a combination of both hand sewing and machine skills you will learn how to make a coat worthy of a Bespoke tailor.



No detail is overlooked or questions that will remain unanswered. This is a ‘how to’ video series that offers a step by step guide to make a Savile Row coat.

How to Make a Ladies Jacket
Vimeo Video Series

Savile Row may not be known for their women’s wear but that isn’t true of The HTA. Rory serviced as many women clients in NYC as he did men and wanted to deliver a series to share all his experiences.


Follow along as Rory takes you step by step to make a handcrafted ladies jacket of your very own. The jacket pattern used in this series was written by Rory so that women could enjoy a sharp silhouette with a timeless design.


The skills found in our other series, The Making of a Savile Row Coat, are transferable to this one so you don’t have to choose been the two.



Men's Bespoke Trouser Making
Vimeo video series

Just like the coat series, this is a step by step guide to cutting, fitting and making trousers. From this one video series, you can learn to make two styles of trousers, high-rise brace button or low-rise belt loop.


If you posses competent machine sewing skills, you’ll breeze through this course. Rory wanted a series which would help the follower focus on a set of skills that would further their development in bespoke tailoring.


70% of trouser making is machine sewing, with that last 30% being all hand work. It a great course to take to help further your development in preparation for the coat series.


With two styles to choose from you can mix and match details to extend your wardrobe with different fit and looks.

Waistcoat Making,
the Savile Row Style
vimeo video series

The waistcoat is a great garment to learn as a beginner as it brings together both machine and hand-sewing skills in equal portions. We strongly suggest anyone who is interested in developing their skills to the highest level to begin with the waistcoat series.

It may seem like a simple garment, but the waistcoat does bring over many of the skills found in coat making. Both garments are canvassed, edges are stayed with bias tape and the same welt pocket is found on each.


Like the coat, all the inside linings are felled and the edge is picked stitched and of course there are the buttonholes; six of them decorating the whole front edge.


It takes a keen hand-sewer and a lot of patience to make a finely crafted waistcoat.

Put your skills to the test with this ‘how to’ video series.

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