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Online Advanced Pattern Drafting Course
for Bespoke Menswear

Pattern Drafting isn’t just about following a system, it has as much to do about accessing figures, studying posture and recognising the idiosyncrasies of the human form that make us all unique to one another.   Whether you are a novice or a professional you will learn everything you need to know to venture into the bespoke tailoring trade confident of success. Unlike the in-house courses, the pattern drafting course is not hosted on fixed dates but can be scheduled at any time throughout the year depending on availability.

Pattern Drafting live online

This course is suitable for beginners to professional and is offered in both the imperial measuring system and the metric system

course fees

The online course fee is set at €3500.00

We will send you an invoice for the full amount which you can pay in one lump sum or monthly instalments. Once we receive your first payment, you will receive a complimentary digital copy of our book, Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear, the Imperial System, which is not available to purchase anywhere else.

***All fees are non-refundable

course Duration

3 classes per week for 13 weeks

                   - or -
2 classes per week for 20 weeks


course materials

Needed tools for this course

  • An internet connection and Skype​

  • A tailor's scaled L-square

  • A 12" French curve

  • A 24" French curve

  • A 24" hip curve

  • A grading ruler

  • An armhole shaper

  • A yardstick is also helpful but not essential


You will need a matching set of drafting tools available to purchase on eBay and Amazon. It may take a few days or weeks to arrive so you will need to factor in this delay when deciding to start the pattern drafting course.

Packs sold on eBay include all these tools except for the 24" French curve which can be purchased separately.


The armhole shaper, also known as a 'Hand' tool is available to purchase through

course goals

The purpose of this course is to arm the student with the knowledge they require to draft bespoke garments. Some students progress quicker than others. It's not a race to the finish, it's about understanding and learning the techniques required so when the student has mastered the techniques they excel at pattern drafting.


Equipped with the recording from each lesson, students can look back over the footage every time they want to cut a pattern.

Students have the option of mailing in their patterns each week for evaluation. If mailing is not possible, then they have the option of providing a screenshot or photo.

All students past and present can reach out to the course instructor for guidance under our one-year mentorship program.

All courses offered to students as one to one training.



  • Introduction to tools and measurement chart

  • Straight leg topsides and undersides


  • Straight leg topsides and undersides


  • Closed leg topsides and undersides

  • Function of seat angle


  • Bow leg topsides and undersides


  • Pigeon toed topsides and undersides



  • Duckfoot topsides and undersides


  • Opening and closing of legs



  • Slim fit straight legs

Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear
Online Syllabus
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