pattern drafting for bespoke menswear

Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear is a great place to start your sartorial journey.
No matter how well a garment is made, if the patterns aren’t cut correctly and an appropriate fit isn’t achieved, fine stitching will not make up for its shortcomings.

Whether you are a novice or a professional, you will learn everything you need to know to venture into the bespoke tailoring trade confident of success.

Pattern drafting isn’t just about following a system. It has as much to do about assessing figures, studying posture and recognising the idiosyncrasies of the human form that make us all unique to one another.

Each of the systems has a base from which to begin the draft and work from. This base is often misrepresented as ‘normal’ or ‘regular’. These conceptions must be put out of one's mind in order to become a successful pattern cutter.

What may seem normal to one could be abnormal to another. The student will learn quickly when they understand their own posture and makeup, as that is the best platform for comparison. This tailor developed stooping posture early in his career, combined with a sway back his figure was one even experienced Savile Row cutters struggled to cut for. Once he successfully learned to cut and make for his own complex body, he had few issues with clients of a similar body type.

Bespoke pattern cutters are rarely called upon to draft patterns for the likes of Abercrombie models. It’s the stooped, portly gent with sloping shoulders that requires the skills of a competent cutter and that is the focus of this pattern drafting course.

Should you decide to take this pattern drafting course, you will learn how to assess a figure and draft patterns for trousers, waistcoat, coats, overcoats and tailcoats for portly, corpulent and athletic figures.

As well as receiving one to one training, you will also be allowed to record each lesson to enhance your learning experience. Former students of The HTA pattern drafting course have commented on how they continue to review this material for months - even years after the course is completed.

When you have finished your six weeks of training, this will mark the beginning of your education and not the end of it. With this in the mind, Rory offers all of his students a free mentorship of one year to help guide them in those first months of applying their newfound knowledge.

To take this course you will need a matching set of drafting tools available to purchase on eBay and Amazon. It may take a few days or weeks to arrive so you will need to factor in this delay when deciding to start the pattern drafting course. If it's not possible for the student to bring their own tools, a set will be lent for the duration of the course. 


To join a group course during the scheduled term, the cost is €500 per week

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To schedule a course outside of these term dates, an additional cost of €250 is incurred due to the personalised and individual approach.

This sets the course fee at a total of €750 per week.

We will send you an invoice for the full amount which you can pay in one lump sum or in weekly instalments. To apply for this course simply email us at or use our online contact form to express your interest.

Once we receive your first payment you will be sent a complimentary digital copy of our book ‘Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear, the Imperial System’, not available to purchase anywhere else.

Please have a read through our syllabus so you know what to expect when you sign up for our Pattern Drafting course online.

Students have the option to start a course online and finish in-house, and vice-versa.

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Pattern Drafting in-house Syllabus

Level 1
Beginner skills

Full time six week course on set dates is €3000.00

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In-house course one-to-one training is €750 per week. Stay for as little as two weeks or for as long as twelve

Accommodation is offered at €200 per week.