pattern drafting for bespoke menswear

**Due to Covid-19, we are not holding in-house courses until further notice.

Stay healthy and stay safe!**

Pattern drafting is the place to start your sartorial journey. It will give you a sense of garment construction as well as learning about proportion and fit.

The course includes trousers, waistcoats, coats, overcoats, tailcoats and figuration in its content as well as measuring and fitting.

Each student will be supplied with the necessary tools to use for the duration of the course, but are encouraged to purchase their own. 

Students have the option to start a course online and finish in-house, and vice-versa.

Pattern Drafting in-house Syllabus

Level 1
Novice skills

Course Duration Options
- Five weeks for the full course

- One week Trouser focused
- One week Waistcoat focused

- Two week Coat focused

- Three week Coat, Overcoat & Morning Coat focused.