waistcoat making, 
the savile row style

There are of course many ways to make a waistcoat, but only one is handcraft. The
HTA uses the method which is most traditional when facecloths (thick felt like fabric) were used in its construction. 

It is a close link to the coat and tailcoat in its development and is a great garment for the student to hone their hand sewing skills on before attempting the coat.

The foreparts are almost completely made by hand. The only machine sewn stitches are in the dart and welt pockets, and just like any handcraft garment, the waistcoat is hand finished with top stitching and buttonholes.

Students can opt to start the course online and complete it in-house, or vice-versa.


Waistcoat Making, The SAvile Row Style Syllabus

Course available for beginner to advanced learners

Course Duration

Three weeks, five days a week