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Savile Row Coat Making

*Suitable for both men's or women's coat*

This course is not for the faint of heart and is very intensive. 

The idea that most aspiring tailors could make a jacket in two weeks is just not realistic.

Most jacket makers don't cut the garment, make the pockets, hand-stitch the edges, sew in the buttonhole and press it off as well as making the physical garment. It's only the latter that is their main focus. 

If you are planning on taking this course, you should be prepared to finish the garment online, at home, using the same video series that supported you during your two week stay with us.

If you are daring enough to attempt a jacket in two weeks, you would need to have years of experience in sewing. It could be your first jacket but not your first garment that you have made.

We will be dropping a lot of the hand-sewing so it won't be a true handcraft coat but the main goal is to gain some much needed experience with facings, shoulders, collars and sleeves. All the finishing stitches will also be done by hand, but if your buttonholes aren't up to scratch, we do have an industrial buttonhole machine in the workshop. 


You will be expected to put in at least two hours of your own time each evening after classes


  • Full fees including accommodation and materials is €2330

  • All tools and equipment provided


  • Intense one-to-one training


Pattern, cut, lay and inlay
Evening: Mark-stitching


Machining and pockets
Continue pockets


Making the canvases and canvassing off
Practice using the padding machine


Pad lapels, trim edge, apply tape 
Felling the tape


Lining the foreparts


spent following the videos and making the sleeves and edge stitching. 

Practice those buttonholes.


Join in the back and lining the jacket
Edge stitching


Join the shoulders, pads and make under-collar
Pad stitching the collar


Top collar and set sleeves
Stitching the under-collar


Sew in sleeves and finish off the finishing
Felling the armhole & buttonholes


Press and button

Savile Row Coat Making Intensive course syllabus

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