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Bespoke Trouser Making

This intensive trouser making course will not be nearly as stressful as the jacket as you will have time to do a “test run” on a few details before doing it on the finished garment.


The first pair can always seem a bit tedious as there’s lots to do and it may feel like there isn’t enough time, but you can expect to complete it all within the two weeks, even if it might not look how you imagined.


Evenings will be long with a lot of skills to develop and this is a great course to hone your skills and enjoy your work production.


You will be expected to put in at least two hours of your own time each evening after classes


  • Full fees including accommodation and materials is €2330

  • All tools and equipment provided


  • Intense one-to-one training


Pattern, cut, lay and inlays


Evening: Practice with the over-locker


Prepping and lining the topsides


Practice parallel sewing lines


Hip pockets: two samples, two finish


Practice zip-fly


Practice back pocket


Back pocket, side-seams and belt-loops
Buttonhole stitch


spent making sample of each of the pockets and zip fly


Inside seam, shrinking, seat seam
Practice the felling stitch


Sewing the fly and bar tacks 
Practice the cross stitch


Lining the waistband

Felling stitch


Felling and hemming
More of the same


Press and button 
Wear them home

Trouser Making Intensive course syllabus

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