Men's Bespoke Trouser Making

Bespoke trouser making is the garment for a skilled machiner. Often the focus of tailoring is honed in on hand sewing skills, overlooking the skilled artisan that can operate an industrial sewing machine.

There is a technique to using such a machine which must be learnt and mastered. Much like driving a car, one doesn’t jump in the driver’s seat and take off. Holding the car steady on the road is likened to sewing in a straight and consistent line.

One’s eyes are drawn to the bobbing needle rather than the foot which sets the seams depth and ensures its consistency. Since the threadle machine was made obsolete, trouser making has evolved to almost an entirely machine made garment.

All the main details such as pockets, straight seams and fly are sewn by machine.
The process of making is half that of the coat and is therefore an excellent garment for the student to hone their machine handling skills. 


Students have the option of starting a course online and finishing in-house, or vice-versa.



This course is available to take online as one-to-one training through live video calls which can be recorded for an enhanced learning experience.

Students have the option to start a course online and finish in-house.



Due to Covid-19, we are not holding in-house courses until further notice.

Stay healthy and stay safe! 

This course is available to take in-house on The Handcraft Tailor Academy campus.

Students have the option to start a course in-house and finish online.

For many years I wanted to learn bespoke tailoring. But here in America there are not many places where you can learn. I looked all over and it seemed like I would never get the chance. Then I found out about the Handcraft Tailor Academy in Ireland and their online courses. It’s been a great wealth of knowledge to receive instruction from a real Master Tailor like Rory Duffy, directly into my home. His credentials speak for themselves. He’s a great tailor. He’s also a great teacher.


I started out with very limited experience. I was concerned I wasn’t ready to take on the course work, but Rory is very good at breaking down each step in the process so you understand not only what to do, but why you’re doing it. It’s clear he cares about passing down his knowledge. I learned that making a bespoke, hand crafted garment means using the best methods possible to achieve the best result. That level of fine craftsmanship is the ultimate goal. And Rory can help you get there no matter the rate at which you learn.


He’s always good about answering any questions. One time I even forgot to record our lesson, so he did the whole lesson over for me the next day! That’s how committed he is to helping you. He’s patient and will make sure you comprehend the work. As he teaches he shares tips of advice, trade secrets, and stories from his experiences in the industry.


I enjoyed it so much that I’ve taken four different courses online. And it was worth it! I started out not knowing how to make anything, and now I can make a three piece suit. I would recommend the Handcraft Tailor Academy to anyone that wants to learn!

- Anthony Stone from Japan