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Version 2/revised 04.07.2022
The Handcraft Tailor Academy Code of Conduct

All students are to read and familiarise themselves with the Student Code of Conduct
Students are bound by this Code even if they do not agree with its provisions or even if they fail to make themselves aware of its existence

The student Code of Conduct has been created to protect, preserve and promote certain basic principles and standards of behaviour. These include, but are not limited to equal opportunity, freedom of expression, and respect for the rules and standards created by the academy.
The mission of The Handcraft Tailor Academy is to transform lives and societies through education, research and innovation.


By registering for a programme with The HTA, a student undertakes to behave in a manner consistent with the achievement of this mission. This includes accepting the rights and responsibilities of membership of the community.


The purpose of this Student Code of Conduct and Discipline is to facilitate the maintenance of a safe and supportive environment for all members of this community.

The Rory Duffy Handcraft Tailor Academy and The HTA Accommodations Code of Conduct aims to create a safe environment involved based on respect and tolerance for all members included in the academy, the community and its neighbours. The Academy reserves the right to invoke any necessary disciplinary actions if a student is to violate the law of Ireland in any way. For any actions committed within and/or outside the Academy overstepping any boundaries of acceptable behaviour, students must accept the consequences.

The following policies apply to any and all students involved within the academy who is on or off the property:
• Students are expected to familiarise themselves with this Code. Students are bound by
this Code even if they do not agree with its provisions or even if they fail to make
themselves aware of its existence
• Disorderly conduct constitutes to lewd, indecent, or obscene behaviour. Harassing
includes, but is not limited to verbal or written actions that are abusive to any members
involved within the Academy. This also includes any conduct which threatens or
endangers the physical and emotional health or safety of involved parties
• Physical harassment includes, but is not limited to any kind of inappropriate touching of
any members involved within the Academy, or any similar conduct that threatens or
endangers the physical and emotional health or safety of a person
• False allegations includes, but is not limited to intentionally filing and/or sharing
knowingly false information about another member within the Academy is strictly
• Intentional vandalism, damage, destruction or defacement of either the Academy or
student accommodations is strictly prohibited. In the event that this occurs, the student
responsible will be expected to cover any and all costs to fix any damages. Students will
also be expected to respect the surrounding properties of the academy and student
• The use, possession or distribution of drugs and narcotics is strictly prohibited at all
• The possession of any kind of weapon is forbidden within the academy and student
• Students will be required to fill out and return the Emergency Contact Form and return
this to the Academy. This form is completely confidential and will be terminated once
the student leaves at the end of his/her course
• Students are under no circumstances to behave in a way that might endanger the health
and safety of themselves or any beings involved. This means creating an environment
which endangers or threatens others, or their property, create a health hazard or
nuisance. This includes, but is not limited to physical and sexual assault, bullying,
and/or physical violence. Intentionally inflicting bodily harm upon any living being,
and/or taking a reckless course of action that will cause harm. In doing so can result in a
two day suspension. Repeat offenders will be expelled and thus will not be able to
complete the course with no chance to rejoin
• In the event a student must miss class or be late, notice must be given via verbally,
through WhatsApp/SMS (+353 87 450 6114) or email ( within
12 – 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible before the student knows he/she will
miss class
• Students are not to miss a minimum three class days due to the rigorous and intense
nature of the courses that progress quickly. Any missed classes must be made up in their
own time
• Students should always show good manners and respect to all members within the
Academy. Disrespect and disobedience will not be tolerated
• Students should dress in a clean and professional manner (casual/nice). Students are
expected to conduct themselves in a dignified manner within the Academy as well as
outside as they are a representation of the Academy
• Students are responsible for their own property at all times. The Academy and student
accommodations does not accept responsibility for the loss or damages done to a
student’s private property. It is advised that students properly label belongings and that
non-essential valuables not be brought into the classroom
• No personal romances within the classroom
• Students are allowed guests at the accommodations but must receive permission from
Mary before making plans. This is to ensure the safety of the student, those around them,
and the surrounding property. Breaking this rule could result in expulsion. 
• The Academy and student accommodations are two separate businesses. Any
requests/complaints within the academy must be directed to Rory Duffy via email
(; any requests/complaints about the accommodations
are to be directed to Mary.
• The student accommodations reserves the right to request a student to move rooms if
• Students are requested to keep work benches and areas within the classroom neat and
• Students are not to remove property belonging to The HTA without permission as this
could result in lost/broken items which will result in a recovery fee from the student
• Students are requested to keep common areas and rooms clean and organised
• Students should have medical (travellers) insurance which will cover any
emergencies/necessities while travelling abroad. Possible sources for this are:

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