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I first came across a copy of this book when I began my training in pattern drafting.

A cutter in Dublin by the name of Peter Fletcher give me the loan of his copy (this book is not that copy as I returned his).

The draft on trousers found in the opening pages is the base formula for the closed leg trousers in my own book. Those of you who are familiar with my trouser drafts will recognise the similarities and the variations.

The explanation for the brace-top back is also very similar to my own. I have little doubt that this was in fact my first exposure to brace-top trousers.
Though I did not always carry a copy with me, I did retain its knowledge set out in this draft which heavily influenced my own style.


133 pages


*Please note that this is a digital copy and not a physical copy*

Pocket Edition - Cutters' Practical Guide Gentlemen's Garments (17th Ed.)

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