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"Love of admiration and desire for personal adornment being qualities predominant in the female sex would impel those who possessed them to seek means for gratifying such desires, consequently female fashions have always been more changeable and pronounced than men's...

The object aimed at in this work has been to construct a system for cutting all such garments as are, or, are likely to be, made by tailors. Or, perhaps more exactly, it has been the adaptation of the West End System to that end. But at the outset a difficulty - a very real one - has to be met. Feminine fashions are ever fluctuating; the shape of garments constantly change; in the manner of style nothing is permanent. In preparing a text-book like the present one, it is necessary for the purposes of illustration and example to select certain garments which shall be representative character as well as fashionable."

(Excerpts from pages 9 & 10)


153 pages


*Please note that this is a digital copy and not a physical copy*

The West End System of Cutting - Part III

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