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"The skilful Cutting of Garments is both a science and an art. It is a science as far as it is governed by precise rules; an art because it involves the production of articles stylish and artistic, necessitating in the producer the application of a cultivated trade... 

The object aimed at in the present work is to meet the latest requirements of our trade, to supply its increasing demand for knowledge, to aid and encourage the young student and to lighten the labours of the more experienced...

A good system of cutting must be made simple and scientific. It must be founded on scientific bases. These make more easy correct adaptation for different shapes and positions of men. The basic principles must be applied by mechanical and geometric arrangement, such as have been tested and approved by experienced cutters."

(Excerpts from pages 9 & 10)


143 pages


*Please note that this is a digital copy and not a physical copy*

The West End System in Cutting - Part I

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