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"One of the most important points for consideration, on starting in business as a tailor, is the shop. This applies in the majority of cases, although there are men with strong personalities, possessing good connections who manage well enough in offices and shops, which in themselves are no help. But in the average case a suitable, attractive shop in a good-class locality is a sine qua non...

The ideal plan is to have a front shop to receive customers, where they may take their selections, a separate cutting-room, a fitting-on room for gentlemen and another for ladies...

No matter if they are regular clients, they should be be circularised regularly, and occasionally called upon to see if they require anything..."

(Excerpts from pages 8, 9 & 22)


163 pages


*Please note that this is a digital copy and not a physical copy*

How to Manage a Tailoring Business

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