Men's Bespoke Trouser Making

Bespoke trouser making is the garment for a skilled machiner. Often the focus of tailoring is honed in on hand sewing skills, overlooking the skilled artisan that can operate an industrial sewing machine. There is a technique to using such a machine which must be learnt and mastered.

Since the threadle machine was made obsolete, trouser making has evolved to almost an entirely machine made garment. All the main details such as pockets, straight seams and fly are sewn by machine. The process of making is half that of the coat and is therefore an excellent garment for the student to hone their machine handling skills.

Students have the option to start a course online and finish in-house, and vice-versa.


Bespoke Trouser Making online

Level 2
Novice skills

Course Duration
Three classes per week for one hour over a four week period.