Ties comes from a long line of home sewers and garment makers. As a child, her mother would take her to the fabric store to select the cloth for Ties's latest design. Watching her mother sewing together small slips of cloth into wearable garments seemed almost magical in her young mind.
The sewing machine was always out on the kitchen table and as much a part of the household as the furnishing and decor.
These memories never left Ties and as she grew, so too did her love for handmade clothing.

After a degree in fine arts and a career in graphic design, she decided it was time to get back to her first passion full time - designing and making clothes. She sought the knowledge and training, took sewing classes in Belgium, and joined forums researching courses online.

Ties’s first introduction to The Handcraft Tailor Academy came through an online forum she contributed too. Hearing about the courses offered in menswear, Ties started online and eventually went in-House for the coat and trouser making programs.
Ties breezed through the making courses finishing early each day, unsettling the other students in her class. Seeing their frustrations, Ties was apologetic and generous with her free time offering to help those around her that struggled.
With a degree in graphic design, Ties also offered her specialised skills to Rory in the development of his book, ‘Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear, the Imperial System’.
Ties is credited with giving the book new life and has very skilfully made Rory's vision a reality.
Her greatest strength is coat making, the most difficult garment to construct in the bespoke tailoring world, and she does it with such ease.
“Ties is a natural hard worker, who doesn’t need much encouragement to get the job done. Without her, the book would never have been possible. Time and again I have relied on her skills to help communicate my vision. I am delight she has joined the team. We will all benefit from her skill and dedication”.

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