Thom Bennett was the founding student of The HTA. Thom joined Rory on his first in-house Pattern Drafting course and subsequent Coat making program in which he was awarded student of the year twice while studying at The Handcraft Tailor Academy.

Thom undertook a tailoring apprenticeship in his early years before turning his hand to sound engineering. It wasn’t long before he heard the call and found himself once more drawn back into the cloth trade.
As a fifth-generation Master Tailor and descendent of Per (Gustav) Anderson, founder of Anderson & Sheppard, tailoring is in blood and bones. Inspired by his cousin Edward Anderson, Thom trained in the tradition of Savile Row tailoring at the Handcraft Tailor Academy before becoming being invited to become a the coat-maker for The Handcraft Tailor. “Thom’s skill and natural abilities made him the prefect student, those who saw his dedication and natural flair for tailoring couldn’t help but be inspired, when I decided to relaunch my brand, Thom just had to be involved and play a key role”.

Thom brings a balance of tradition and technology to the HCT combining handcrafted tailoring with fine machine work. His Coats are the benchmark for Savile Row and HCT quality.

Savile Row

New York City
Washington D.C.
Atlanta, Georgia 

Des Moines, Iowa

St. Petersburg





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