Any student can claim the title of protégé, but none moreso than Terry Brady.
Terry has been training as a Master Tailor since 2017 and has remained by Rory's side since his first introduction came through an unlikely source.

As a musician, Terry plays in the bars and pubs  within Ireland. Over the summer of 2017, a young lady joined the school for three months from Georgia, USA. After his gig, the aspiring tailor struck up a conversation with Terry, telling him about the school she travelled to study with.
Terry was himself was a predominantly self-taught aspiring tailor and had been working in alterations for the three previous years with a local menswear store.

Terry initially enrolled on the Coat Making course and continued on to take the Trouser and Cutting courses as a scholarship student.

When Rory decided to launch this new business venture, Terry was eager to get involved. Aside from making garments for tailors in both the UK & US, Terry assists in the training of the in-house students at The HTA.

In his new role is as Rory's assistant, his main task is to get all new orders ready for fitting after the patterns and cloth is cut. He is also a coat & trouser maker, able to step in to take the overflow away from our garment making team.

It is hoped that one day Terry will step into Rory's shoes and take over the cutting and fitting side of the business.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Terry has started his own company, T. Brady Bespoke, in which he produces bespoke caps and face masks amongst other products. He gives 10% of all earning on face masks to front line workers to help in the fight against Covid-19.

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