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The Big Project

I would like to start by thank you, the community for your support by getting behind and subscribing to the video series.

We got off to a slow start but I am pleased to say the numbers have grown steadily and we are starting to see a positive return on the investment made into making these videos.

The revenue gained isn’t being used to line our pockets over here at The HTA HQ, but rather invested in a structure that will house the The HTA academy building.

As many of you may know, we have gone from a farm house to a steel Portacabin in four years. The next step is renovating the out-buildings which formal would have served the main house as stables for horses, a piggery, and a hay barn.

Its not as bad as it sounds. The out-buildings haven’t been used for farming in a generation.

The structure dates back to the 1800’s, it’s stone built with brick windows and door frames. One side is a two-storey which is 44ft long and 20 ft wide, the low side is about halve the length, has a dormer second floor and is even older in age.

The plan is to keep the original look on the outside and modernised the inside of the building. Having renovated most of the main house myself, it’s a project I am looking forward to getting started.

We expect to break ground in March. Since the ground level outside the building is higher than the floor level inside, the first job will be to rip up the courtyard and dig down as much as a few feet in some places.

I will be posting pics of the current condition of the buildings as well as the progress made over the coming weeks and months.

If you have any suggestions you would like to make or any expertise you would like to add, I will welcome all.

Finish date will be the Summer of 2023, when we will be hosting an in-house course and I do hope you will join us.

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