Personalised Pattern Making service

So you’ve sign up to one of our garment making video series and are still struggling with the pattern drafting element. Fear not, we have a solution to all your problems.

Rory is now offering his online community the opportunity to purchase patterns cut by his hand. You can choose either a stock size block or a personalised pattern.

All block sizes follow the measurement chart found on our blog under the post dealing with measurement. Just select the chest/ waist sizes you want and Rory will draft up patterns in your selected sizes.

For coat blocks in any sizes the drafting fee is £185

For trouser/ waistcoat blocks in any size the drafting fee is £125

These patterns are also great for anyone who is thinking of offering custom clothing

and need a set of blocks to see them through. A small discount of £10 is offered per pattern when you order five blocks or more.

For those of you who feel that a personalised pattern would help you develop your skills further and faster, we are now offering this service for both Coat and Trousers.

You will be asked to provide a number of measurements as well as some full body shots to help with the determination of your figuration. Rory promises to do his best to create the perfect pattern for you but he cannot guarantee a 100% fit.

Forms will be made available soon to apply for personalised patterns.

The drafting fee for Coats is £225 and for Trouser is £165.

Post and packaging will be set at a flat fee of £15, no matter where you are you the world.

To avail of this service you can email Rory directly on

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