Nadezhda Soboleva always had a keen interest in sewing and tailoring and has been active in tailoring since 2011. She graduated from St. Petersburg College of Music (N.A Rimsky-Korsakov) in conducting. That same year she entered the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design and began training as a tailor for the musical world. She graduated with honours and received a recognised diploma in specialised design and making of women’s wear garments. Within a few short months, Nadie had grown a bespoke tailoring business that serviced the elite of the Russian classical music world. Among them being honoured artists of Russia, professors of higher musical institutions, touring musicians of various specialities, soloists of opera theatres and many more.

As her client list grew so did her skill set taking a course in men’s tailored suits from a university professor K. Y. Sholyn. Throughout her studies, she was inspired by the British system of tailoring and the legend of Savile Row, the home of bespoke tailoring. Especially the works of Rory Duffy and his YouTube video series The Making of a Coat, which Nadie had been using as a reference to improve her coat making skills.

Through Instagram posts, Nadie learned about Rory's school of tailoring, The Handcraft Tailor Academy, and reached out and enrol in one of his courses. It wasn’t long until Nadie was impressing Rory with her sharp mind and quick learning abilities. “Nadie picked up the information so quickly, I was initially worried the course wouldn’t be stimulating enough for her. It was clear from her questions she was applying the knowledge to her existing clients, something most students would only do after the course was completed”.

When Rory decided to launch The Handcraft Tailors Brand, Nadie was immediately placed on the shortlist for candidates of Brand Ambassadors. She has since become an integral part of the team as a garment technologist who helps make Rory's vision a reality.

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