The handcraft suit is one of the few luxurious experiences untouched by time. A commissioned hand-tailored suit with the scent of the tailor’s heart is not made just for wearing as they are for those who receive them, but also about savouring the warmth and love of a handcrafted creation over mass-production.

Handcraft has been a point of reference throughout the industry's history, synonymous with quality, professionalism and long-held traditions of Savile Row craftsmanship.

Our MaCaba suit line is named after our founder Rory Duffy’s family line of handcraft tailors. Rory's lineage connected to tailoring dates back to the early 1800s. McCabe & Sons (MacCaba in Irish) as they were known, were merchant tailors who sold handcraft suits, cloth, shirts and accessories from their draper's store in County Monaghan, Ireland. Following this long tradition of craftsmanship and quality, Rory and his team offer an unequalled quality of service in handcraft suits across the globe.

The Handcraft Tailors offer a luxurious bespoke tailoring experience.

Each of our handcrafted suits is unique, fits as effortlessly like a second skin, and complements the wearer’s physique. It sculpts to the body creating an elegant line that maintains modesty and provides comfort and prestige.

In working with our clients a unique collaboration is formed. The outcome of this collaboration is a handcrafted suit that is adroitly cut. Throughout the handcrafting process, the client helps instruct the tailors in fit and detail to ensure needs are met with satisfaction. Using old-world techniques synonymous with Savile Row, each suit is handcrafted by a team of highly trained artisans dedicated to preserving the art of handcraft tailoring with every stitch.

Every idiosyncratic nuance of a person's body is considered in the construction of the garment. The tailor can be likened to that of an illusionist – showing his audience only what he wants them to see with the reality hidden far from sight. Our skills shine through with our larger sized clients, we specialise in creating waist suppression and focus on a strong athletic silhouette no matter one's waist size.

The Handcraft Tailors never compromise on quality and are only satisfied with the best of everything. Selecting only the finest cloths, linings and trimmings resourced directly from the merchants of Savile Row.

To truly tell if a bespoke suit fits correctly, it should be viewed from the back. The back of the suit tells the true story when it comes to fit and the skill of the tailor. As The Handcraft Tailors, we pride ourselves on the fit and finish of our garments. We guarantee that when viewed from any angle, our suits fit better and look cleaner than any other in the industry.

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