Bespoke focuses on time and tradition. The modern world spins at a faster pace now than when Savile Row was at its epicentre.

Bespoke may be the second tier after handcraft, but it is the fusion of handcraft tailoring with modern sewing equipment, focused on consistent quality in a timely fashion whilst still allowing for individual tastes and needs and retaining that essential Savile Row tone.


As our clients are focused on time efficiency, so are we.

By maintaining the essence and integrity of handcraft tailoring within our bespoke line, James Henry’s only compromise is tradition over efficiency.

The efficient process of bespoke is reflected throughout. Turnaround time can take as little as six weeks with a base price at almost a third less than handcraft. It is an ideal introduction to Savile Row tailoring.


It seems with each new season cloths are becoming finer and softer – a new luxury for the client of custom clothing. As the cloth evolves, so does the tailor and his techniques. We will be adding a modern twist, but a formal and very exclusive combination of details as per your request to achieve that dashing look. We will design a piece of clothing according to you and will also include selecting the best suitable fabric.


Aided by the latest in industrial sewing machines, tailors can split fibres with time-saving precision. Techniques that would take hours by hand is correct every time in minutes.

James Henry Bespoke is a piece of clothing made to individual measurements. A special suit pattern is cut by Rory Duffy, our Master Tailor, and adjusted to meet the client’s body shape. No compromises here! Just a synthesis of tailors with the highest qualifications and advanced sewing technology. A bespoke suit is a perfect balance between proportion and subtlety.

J H Bespoke encapsulates the essence and integrity of handcraft tailoring. Focusing on the modern tailoring methods found on Savile Row today. Clients are offered the same quality finish as handcraft with few subtle changes during construction. J H Bespoke suits enjoy a faster turn around time – ideal for the client on the go. Offered at a more affordable price point whilst maintaining high-quality service with a hand finishing touch, bespoke is an ideal introduction to custom tailoring.

The differences between our bespoke and handcrafted suits are so subtle, that it would take a true connoisseur or master in trade to notice them.

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