Elly Morris joined The HTA after many years of working in the industry in both men’s and women’s wear. She showed great skills early on and took very quickly to the new techniques she picked up on both the in-house and online courses. Difficult to put into one category, Elly is essentially a garment technologist who can turn her hand to making anything from a coat, waistcoat or handcraft trousers.
“We needed a strong trouser maker on our team. Trousers are too often overlooked as a speciality, but when one finds someone who can make trousers as beautifully as Elly, it makes for the perfect fit”.
Elly trained not only in trouser making but in coat making and cutting as well. As well as being the trouser maker for The HTA she is also Brand Ambassador for the Cheltenham area.
Having spent many years as a dressmaker she gained qualifications in Tailoring and Theatre Costume with Brenda Killigrew at the Inkberrow Design Centre. Wanting to further pursue her passion for handcraft tailoring, she joined the team to keep her skills sharp and spend her days doing something she loved.

Savile Row

New York City
Washington D.C.
Atlanta, Georgia 

Des Moines, Iowa

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