Adam found his passion in the sartorial realm at an early age and became aware of the way that personal creativity and style can be expressed through dress.

Adam started working professionally as a model at the age of 8 and acting by 12. Adam booked an acting role on the PBS television series "Wishbone" where he played the character "David Barnes" in over 50 episodes shot over two years. Adam continued his acting career in earnest in Los Angeles securing guest star roles on TV shows such as "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", "Seaquest DSV", "J.A.G.", "Movie Stars", as well as various film credits. This experience at such a young age placed a knowledge of team interaction and creative processes that would serve him down the line.

Adam made the career switch into the healthcare industry in 2011, scoring an entry position with the renowned Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In the course of more than eight years, Adam's knowledge and skill set grew to include Performance Improvement (Six Sigma) and Project Management. He excelled being promoted four times during his tenure and out of an institution of fifteen thousand employees left the organisation having a three-degree reporting distance to the CEO.

After seeing Rory's co-produced series "The Making of Coat" on YouTube, a deep calling emerged that put Adam on his path to seek out our Master Tailor and begin his tailoring mentorship. He has received The Handcraft Tailor Academy's certification for having completed the course, Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear, he has gone on to complete the Waistcoat Making ,the Savile Row Style course, and is currently training in the Men’s Bespoke Trouser Making course. He is due to finish the Bespoke Coat Making for Menswear course in autumn 2020.

Adam looks forward to helping you put your best foot forward and brings his charisma, creativity and work ethic to our team as our Director of Logistics and Brand Ambassador serving our clientele in Washington, D.C.

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New York City
Washington D.C.
Atlanta, Georgia 

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